Residential Openwell Series / Piece

Out of the many options available, one of the best residential pumps is the Crompton openwell submersible pump. Each pump consists of a submersible electric cable, diffuser, impeller, cable guard and AC electric motor.

They are placed on the reservoir and connected to an electrical supply point for operation. The price range for Crompton openwell submersible pumps is between INR 6,000-6,900/-.

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Range 0.5HP to 2.0HP (0.37kW to 1.5kW)
Voltage Range 220V for 1 PH
Connection 160 -240V
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Pipe Size 25, 32, 40 & 50 mm
Max. head Upto 75 meter
Max. Discharge Upto 520 LPM
Motor Type Water filled Motor

  • Water transfer from the underground tank to the overhead tank
  • ¬†Gardening & water fountains
  • Domestic water supply in hotels, buildings & apartments

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