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Irrigation plays an important part when it comes to agriculture. The primary component of a centrifugal pump that is used in irrigation is an impeller. The driven rotor or impeller moves the water that comes in from the inlet or suction through to the outlet or discharge by transferring rotational energy and using centrifugal force. The water comes out from the Centrifugal Monobloc pump at a high force.

The agriculture pump from Crompton comes with some fantastic features and benefits like monoset construction, high-grade electrical stamping, a wide voltage band, and different specifications according to your requirement.

The Centrifugal Monobloc pump from Crompton comes with High-Quality Mechanical Seal. The mechanical seal reduces the wear due to heat generated in the working of the pump. It prevents the leakage of liquid under pressure from the pump or air being drawn into the pump under vacuum conditions.

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Range 1HP to 30HP (0.75 kW to 22 kW)
Rated Voltage 415V for 3PH
Voltage Range 350V-440V
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Pipe Size 32X25mm to 150X150mm
Max. head Upto 72 Meters.
Max. Discharge Upto 4246 LPM.
Liquid Clear Water

  •  Cooling Tower
  • Sprinkler Irrigation, Lift irrigation
  •  Construction sites
  • Office & Shopping Mall Cooling System
  • Agricultural Farms
  •  Drip Irrigation

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