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A deep well jet pump requires more suction capacity and the jet ejector helps to do it. Jet ejector consists of a nozzle and a venturi. Velocity increases as the water pass through the jet but at the same time, the pressure decreases. Water speed is high and there is a low pressure around the nozzle tips that cause a suctioning effect to develop around the nozzle. The water around the nozzle is drawn towards the water stream and is carried along with it.

A shallow well jet pump is powered by an electric motor that drives a centrifugal water pump or an impeller. The impeller moves the water from the reservoir through a narrow jet mounted in the housing in front of the impeller. This constriction increases the speed of water as it leaves the jet. A force is developed that sucks additional water directly.

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Range 0.5 HP and 1.0 HP (0.37 kW & 0.75 kW)
Rated Voltage 220V
Voltage Range 180V - 260V (1PH)
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Pipe Size 25mm X 25mm
Max. head Up to 44 Meters.
Max. Discharge Upto 60 LPM

  • Water supply to residential bungalows, garages, dairies, hotels, laundries, club, hospitals etc
  • Gardening
  •  Lawn sprinklers
  • Ornamental fountains
  •  Water feeding in the solar system
  •  Booster applications

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