Compressor Pumps / Piece

Compressor pumps, which are mainly used to facilitate the movement of water. It works on the principle of the different density of two interconnected columns of water and how the heavier one balances out the liquid in the lighter one.

The compressed air is pumped down the delivery pipe where it mixes with the water as very fine air bubbles. This air and water mixture is lighter than the surrounding water, and therefore, it starts to rise. As the machine continues to pump air into the delivery pipe, this mixture is automatically forced to move up through the discharge pipe and into the plumbing system.

A Crompton pump is a state of the art piece of technology that makes your daily living and operations easier. It uses the best engineering innovations in the market to bring a world-class product to its consumers.

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Range 1HP to 1.5HP (0.75kW to 1.1kW)
Rated voltage  220V for 1PH
Delivery pipe size 25 mm
Voltage range 160 -240V
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Max. head Upto 400 feet
Max. Discharge Upto 4200 LPH

  • Multi storied buildings
  •  Supply in hotels, buildings & apartments
  • Water transfer from underground to overhead tank
  • Water lifting from borewell having feculent yields,
    muddy water

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